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Welcome September 3, 2009

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my Biosphere 2 Blog. I’m thrilled you’re reading and learning today.

A bit about me first, then we’ll get to the science. My name is Alandra and I’m a 2009-2010 Biosphere 2 Fellow.  Fellow are representatives of the science community here at the Univerisity of Arizona, and we’re here to give you a look inside the science we do everyday. Each of us has a specialized area of research dealing with water, earth , and climate.  Science can be tough stuff sometimes and we’re here to help you understand what you read in the news or hear on the street. I’m an environmental engineer, phd candidate. This means that’s I’m working on getting my doctorate and becoming a professor. Enviromental engineers deal with water and wastewater and how we manage those resources. I work with trace organic compounds (chemicals in very small quantities) and how they react in wetlands (swamps or marshes). Some of these compounds can be harmful to our bodies and I’m working on understanding how they behave in water systems, so we have a better idea of what we can do with them in the future.  I’ll be updating this blog with nifty articles about these compounds and water systems, as well as explaining what I do everyday and how it relates to our everyday lives.

Remember, we’re all downstream.



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