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SAHRA September 23, 2009

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Welcome back readers.

This week’s update is going to be about the SAHRA annual meeting. SAHRA stands for Sustainabiliy of Semi-Arid Regions and Riperian Hydrology, and they’re based here at the University of Arizona.  Essentially, what conferences like these are scientists getting together and talking about what they’ve been doing lately. It gives people from different areas and different departments a place to meet up and talk about things that they’re interested in.  In this case, climate change. A diverse panel of water resources specialists, ecologists, hydrologists, and engineers all sharing what they’re seeing in their work and what we can do about it and manage it. Students also present posters about their research. Emphasis in these kinds of forums is about sharing information; presenters are willing to take questions and allow others to use parts of their research, which is not common in the academic world- it’s why we do these things.

You can find the complete list of topics here:

As a final note- remember that it’s not all dry science- read about the global die off of lawn flamingos :


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