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A few nifty links October 30, 2009

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Hi folks!

Just wanted to pass along a few nifty links:

This first one comes from King County Wastewater- they do a great job of addressing questions you may have about endocrine disruptors or EDCs.

EDCs are natural or synthetic chemicals that interfere with or mimic the hormones responsible for growth and development of an organism. And they’re being found in our water systems everyday.

Read more here:

Another nifty link I’d like to pass along comes from the University of Utah- often when we’re talking about chemicals or concentrations, we use prefixes, like micro, or nano. Their nifty slider helps you get an idea of how small things really are.

Estuaries are a happy land, rich in the continent itself, stirred by the forces of nature like the soup of a French chef; the home of myriad forms of life from bacteria and protozoan to grasses and mammals; the nursery, resting place, and refuge of countless.

STANELY A. CAIN, speech, 1966


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