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PFOS in the news February 21, 2010

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Hi folks!

It’s been a busy few weeks in the lab here, sorry for the absence.

I’ve got another short article that might interest you for today:

PFOS is another trace organic that we’re currently tracking through the ecosystem.  PFOS is a long chain of fluorines that is used as a surfactant (a detergent-like compound). Manufacturers love PFOS because it repels both oil and water. Places you’ll find PFOS are in fast food wrappers, pizza boxes, and things like Scotchguard.  The trouble is, the reasons why we like to use PFOS so much are also the reasons it’s harmful to the environment. PFOS contamination has been found around the globe, in soil, air and water, which is why we’re interested in learning more about it. Happy reading!

“Water is personal, water is local, water is regional, water is statewide. Everybody has a different idea, a different approach, a different issue, a different concern. Water is the most personal issue we have..”
– Susan Marks


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